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Rough Ground (small)


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X2 different Rough Ground patches; supplied unpainted and without flock/tufts.

Two different finely crafted Rough Ground patches designed to produce an area(s) of difficult ground ideal for any ~28mm skirmish wargame. The two different designs have relatively small footprints (approx 3"x3") and are therefore not too intrusive in games, but could be combined to form one large area if desired.

Aesthetically they feature a consistency with other SGS terrain and base ranges making your battlefield as unique as your bases! Note miniatures shown for scale purposes only.

SGS Rough Ground area terrain is made from durable polyurathane resin which can easily be painted and look fantastic on the table top. Painted examples show how the terrain can look when finished, for handy tips and guides see our basic guidelines page.

~Fishermen Guild miniatures painted by Luke Foster (shown for scale purposes only).