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Basic Guidelines

Working with resin

All of our resin bases and terrain pieces are cast by hand; due to the casting process, small air bubbles inevitably form, this is unavoidable but can easily be remedied by filling these gaps with modelling putty or fillers such as Miliput or kneadatite (green stuff). Simply mix the required amount using the manufacturers guidelines and apply using a sculpting tool. Experienced modellers will have encountered this and likely have practice at remedying this common occurrence.

Solid Ground Studios resin products can be sanded, drilled or carved but please be aware that resin dust can be harmful when inhaled therefore appropriate safety clothing should be worn, such as goggles and face mask.

Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Preparation and assembly

Before assembling miniatures and affixing to SGS bases we recommend washing our resin products in warm soapy water, this will remove any natural grease or contaminants from the moulding process.

We recommend using super glue to bond metal/plastic/resin miniatures to our bases, note polystyrene cement used to bond injection moulded plastics will not work. Depending on the contact joint miniatures can be glued straight to the resin base, however the design of many miniatures is to have a ‘slot’ base where the tag forms a very strong contact joint. This tag needs to be removed before attaching to the new resin base. Modelling clippers and files can be used to create a neat surface. As noted above the strength of the contact will have been reduced and you may wish to remedy this by adding a pin to the contact point(s).


All miniatures have a better finish when undercoated and we recommend undercoating the base at the same time as undercoating the miniature, this will likely be at the same time if you have glued the miniature to the base. Some models, particularly large models may be painted separate to the base to ensure detail on the base is painted more easily. Once undercoated the resin base will paint up exactly like the miniature standing above it, acrylic water based paints are most commonly used in the wargaming industry.