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50mm Rocky Bases


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X2 different ~50mm diameter Rocky bevelled edge bases (with movement tool notch), compatible with STAR WARS: Legion; supplied unpainted and without flock/tufts/water effects.

Two finely crafted designs reflecting a rocky landscape, featuring graded sand, from fine to coarse, each base has several larger areas of flat rock designed to add detail and a flat area to mount miniatures. Flight pegs can be glued directly atop, but we recommend drilling a recess with a 9mm bit. Fine grooves are marked along the sides to indicate firing arcs. They can easily be painted to be more prominent, or filled and painted over as desired.

These bases can be painted to reflect a multitude of galactic battlegrounds; such as an arid, desert world, a grassy, temperate planet, a forest moon or even an icy rebel base!

The examples shown in the lead picture feature 'Green Pasture' 6mm tufts from our BATTLEFIELD SCENICS RANGE. The secondary pictures with miniatures feature 6mm 'Marshland' tufts to represent a harsh desert planet, likely full of scum and villainy!

SGS bases are made from durable polyurathane resin which can easily be painted and look fantastic on the table top. Painted examples show how the bases can look when finished, for handy tips and guides see our basic guidelines page.

Miniatures shown for scale purposes only. SGS is no way affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games, Disney or Lucasfilm; bases in this range are compatible with STAR WARS: Legion but not official Fantasy Flight product.