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About Solid Ground Studios

Solid Ground Studios was founded in May 2014 by myself; Nick Langrick. My business offers an ever increasing range of high quality polyurethane resin bases and terrain for the wargaming community.

Why did I start up Solid Ground Studios?

“Faces and bases”, this simple answer is the backbone of what makes a great looking wargame army in my opinion: the former can only be achieved through painting skill, but the latter can easily be achieved by purchasing interesting base designs.

For several years I have endeavoured to improve my painting and modelling skills and have managed to get short listed for painting awards, winning competitions on several occasions. One of the aspects that set my armies apart was the attention to detail on the bases, I really enjoyed creating themed bases and felt that brought the army together cohesively. People often asked me where I got my bases from to which I replied, “I made them”. Later I realised that I could offer this talent to the wargaming community and thus Solid Ground Studios was founded.

Solid Ground Studios – “Building a firm foundation for all your wargaming needs”


Solid Ground Studios